Multiple speakers

!permit and personalisation

Permitting multiple users

A common use case for Talkbot is where multiple non-voice users need to use the text-to-speech capability at once. Talkbot provides this capability by the !permit command and personalisation of voice using personalisation commands such as !mylang and !myvoice.

!permit allows the current master of Talkbot to permit other users or roles to also use the bot at the same time.

Below is an example of permitting @wootosmash and the role @talkbot_users

!permit @wootosmash @talkbot_users

If you permit a role it will permit all users with that role to be able to use the bot. When permitting roles, individual users can then !unpermit themselves or the master can !unpermit them.

To avoid pinging all members of the role unnecessarily use the role name without the '@' symbol to permit the role.

Example of polite role permit:

!permit talkbot_users

On !unfollow all permitted and unpermitted users will be lost. On the next !follow they will have to be permitted again. To avoid this use !transfer or !sidle to transfer the control of the bot. See the topic Transferring control for more details.

Voice personalisation

Talkbot provides several commands for personalisation, see the table below. Full details of personalisation can be found under Personalising your voice.




Change your gender - this is used to automatically select your voice


Change your language - see Supported Languages for details


Explicitly set your voice - see Supported Languages for details


Set a personal title replacement for 'master'


Set the pitch your voice speaks with


Set the speed your voice speaks with


Set your speaking prefix, enable and disable prefixing with !myprefix on/off

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