Usage limits

Talkbot has use limits

Talkbot is built using various paid services for converting text-to-speech and performing text translation. Most of these services have usage thresholds where if we exceed them we will have to pay for the service.

To keep this bot free we have implemented usage limits to prevent abuse, give everyone a fair go and to prevent the developers having to pay for the services out of their own pocket. We're happy to maintain the bot, but don't particularly want to have to pay for it!

If you hit one of these usage limits the bot will let you know by not allowing follows on your discord server anymore. If you hit one of these limits get in contact with us on our discord and we'll see what we can do.

If you're a frequent user of the bot when you follow the bot will pester you to support it on Patreon here:

You can also contribute to the service costs by buying us a coffee here: (NOTE: we'll probably use this money for servers not coffee.. maybe beer though if there's any left over).

We'll aim to move the usage limits for legitimate users in line with any funds raised.

If you have particularly heavy use requirements you're also welcome to download the source from GitHub and install your own instance(s) of the bot on your own servers. It's open source!

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