Emoji sound effects



Broken: Unfortunately this feature is currently broken - we're looking into it

Only a user with server admin permissions or server management permissions can perform this command.

To personalise your server you may want to associate sounds with specific words or emojis. For example you may want to associate :clap: with https://sfx.nullabork.dev/applause-2.wav. These sound effects will then be played when that specific emoji or word is used when speaking whilst the bot is in voice.

To configure this capability use the !sfx command.

To get started list all the existing sound effects using !sfx list .

If you'd like to clear all the existing effects use !sfx clearall.

Sound effects can be found online at many free sound effects sites. Please be polite when using a site's audio and make sure you're allowed to use it for this purpose.


Add a clapping sound to the clap emoji

!sfx add :clap: https://sfx.nullabork.dev/applause-2.wav

Note: URLs need to be https insecure URLs will not work.

Then to test, !follow the bot and type :clap: and then the applause-2 sound effect should be played.



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